Method Statement Writing Service

What Is A Method Statement?

Method Statements detail how a particular task or activity will be carried out. Method Statements should detail the possible dangers/risks associated with the project, the control methods to be used and show how the work will be managed safely.  A method statement is used to specify the health and safety control measures needed to control the hazards identified by the risk assessment that has been carried out for the task or operation. Method statements are always ‘Site Specific’ and are used to control the operation and to ensure that all concerned are aware of the hazards associated with the work and the safety precautions that need to be taken.  Method statements are also know as a 'Safe System of Work'.

More and more contractors are being asked by their clients to produce method statements as part of their Health and Safety documentation, or to produce method statements for larger projects that come under the CDM Regulations.

Method statements must be written by a competent person familiar with the work processes and they can not be generic or off the shelf method statements that have been prepared for a different project.

Method statements should also contain information concerning the order and method of construction with reference to work procedures and safety controls. On some sites method statements are in fact a contractual requirement, requiring submission to the Principal Contractor, client or engineer for approval prior to the commencement of works.  In addition to this there has been a legal requirement since 1974 for all employers to prepare a Safe System of Work, whilst the term 'Method Statement' is widely used in the construction and many other industries instead of a Safe System of Work.

Furthermore, construction method statements may be used on site for a particular section of work, they detail its boundaries, materials and plant requirements and temporary works designs.

Method statements are an important part of your health and safety control measures and specify exactly how you should control the hazards and risks associated with your works.

You should always ensure that you address the specific risks and hazards in your method statements, if use a generic or example method statement, you risk overlooking important factors that could prevent harm or injury occurring to your staff.  That is why we do not provide 'Example Method Statements' or 'Generic Method Statements', all of our method statements are written for specific clients and specific projects, thereby ensuring that your method statements and risk assessments are not only professionally prepared, but are also directly relevant to the works you are undertaking.  Furthermore, such method statements and risk assessments will help to limit or eliminate your liability in the event of an employee or member of the public having an accident.

The type of Method Statements that we typically prepare include:

  • Roofing method statements
  • Carpentry and joinery method statements
  • Flooring method statements
  • Kitchen fitting method statements
  • Excavation method statements
  • Groundworks method statements
  • Drainage method statements
  • Underpinning method statements
  • Bathroom fitting method statements
  • Electrical installation method statements
  • Demolition method statements
  • Soft strip method statements
  • Brick and block work method statements
  • Fencing method statements
  • Landscaping method statements
  • Tiling method statements
  • Painting and decorating method statements
  • Refurbishment method statements
  • Intallation of internal partitions method statements
  • Suspended ceiling method statements
  • Shop fitting method statements
  • Plumbing and central heating method statements
  • Plastering and dry lining method statements
  • CCTV installation method statements
  • General construction method statements
  • Cleaning method statements
  • Window fitting method statements
  • General maintenance method statements
  • Plus many many more................

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